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"Where my reason, imagination or interest were not engaged, I would not or I could not learn. - W. Churchill" -


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Polite, well-mannered, enjoys old things, likes archaic slang, hardcover books, fedoras, trilbys, porkpies, bowlers, etc, good jazz, bebop, hard bop, classical music, opera, musical theater, straight plays, 1940s-1950s rock and roll, film noir, b-horror movies, _____-billy music, soccer, american football, fencing, skulling, sailing, lacrosse, marathons, cycling, good scotch, cheap bourbon, pocketwatches (roman numerals only please), good strong black coffee, omelettes, homemade anything, gardens, aviaries, aquariums, zoos, travel, rummage sales, BBQs, flea markets, minor league baseball, spending time in the kitchen, old libraries, books in general, a good pipe now and then, typewriters, the films of Lumiere and the other filmmakers of the early 20th century, carnivals, circuses, sideshows, the past, steampunk, egalitarianism, esotericism, Super8 cameras, 8mm cameras, weird old 35mm cameras, Phrenology, archaeology, vintage & classical erotica, tiki mugs/glasses, key lime pie, cuba libres, 1950s lounge culture, tom waits, orchids, hot air ballooning, alfred hitchcock, rod serling, vincent price, edward gorey, edgar allen poe, architecture, trains, aviation, PBS (when it's not a pledge drive), plastic model kits, brass fishing wheels, fountain pens, statuary, analog communications, luddites, english toffee, calvin & hobbes (both the comic and the philosophers), emma goldman, more to follow...


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