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I've gone to my farm in Kentucky for the weekend. It's a great place to relax, do a little hard physical labor, and forget about the rest of the world. If you don't have such a place, I highly suggest you get one.

In the meantime, here's the latest in the virtual "crazy expedition" category.

See you on Monday.

J. Peterman

From: New Zealand Herald



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3 Members’ Opinions
February 08, 2009 2:46 AM
Stage_2 10photoviewsCom-100Com-300Com-500First-comFirst-photoHr-1Hr-10Hr-5 JALOPKIN said...

Been to New Zealand a dozen times ... it is a Beautiful country full of marvelous people, and three times as many Sheep as there are people ... Reminds me a lot of Texas, the way it looks, except for the fact that there is no place on either Island that is flat ....... Everything is uphill or downhill ... but at least, they drive on the correct side of the road, and the Steering Wheels are on the Left where they belong ... Took me a while the first time I was there to get used to guys wearing short pants, with a coat and tie ... Every place I went, people wanted to try my hat on and ask me if we still had trouble with the Indians, and how many Oil WellsI had in my back yard ... I hired a Cab Driver to stay with me constantly so's I could get all my running around done ... A warm and friendly fellow who was absolutely guiless ..(different from New York Cabbies) He liked my hat so much that I sent him one just like it when I got back home ... If you ever get to Auckland ... there is a Steak House called, BONAPARTE ... in a basement, very clean and elegantly appointed ... For a country full of Sheep, the Beef is superb and cooked flawlessly to order ... and if you get down to Wellington, there is a Pub in the middle of town called, COBB & Co. ....... I recommend it for everybody ... It really is a grand country and very hard to leave when the time comes, because it is so pleasant being there ... and nothing changed with each ensuing trip ... most everybody even remembered me, which was gratifying, and I may go back for pleasure one day and stay a while ... You will love the place if you go ...

February 08, 2009 2:54 PM
Com-100Com-300Com-500First-comHr-1Hr-5 Georgia said...

  Mr. Jalopkin, your prose is such that I want to go there.  Eat there. 

 And thank you for knowing of Augusta; most people think of Georgia's second-largest city only in terms of The Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters Tournament.  With ample reason, thanks to CBS; Bobby Jones' and Clifford Roberts' legacy; and the National's continued insistence on doing things as those gentlemen dictated, back in the '30s.

 But much more happens in this big old sprawling city, with its venerable Medical College of Georgia,  nigh-300-years old, an enormous medical complex grown up around it that draws doctors and patients from the world over, and considerable industry.  I like to think we've managed, in terms of then-vs-now, to hang onto the good, weed out the bad, and not toss out the baby with the bathwater.

Like you, I like Savannah, and Tybee Beach brings back unnumbered memories of high-school-sorority house parties; of family vacations.... What you DID in summer was spend time at the beach, hence the salt water in my veins.  A lovely city, Savannah, and in the '70s Mills B. Lane, banker (I believe) and philanthropist decided to make it the tourist atrraction Charleston has always been, just a tad away, and he returned Savannah's downtown to the original 'squares' George Oglethorpe laid out, as he did also in Augusta at the same time.  There ensued a fervor of activity in downtown Savannah: New shops, parks along the waterfront, good's still so, fas as I know. Nice to know we've places in common; why, I may've sat in a chair or booth that once hosted you! 

February 08, 2009 5:43 PM
Stage_2 10photoviewsCom-100Com-300Com-500First-comFirst-photoHr-1Hr-10Hr-5 JALOPKIN said...


It is entirely possible ...  For years I drove there once a year, in a '54 DeSoto Convertible, to meet with some other Desoto Owners and fanciers, and stay at the DeSoto Beach Hotel ... inflexibility of schedule has precluded my doing so for quite a while, and I sold the Convertible to a fellow who offered me what it was actually worth ... How could I not reward the Genius of his appreciation for Art??? So, I sold her to him, but I miss her every now and then and "DORIS" is still painted on the parking chock at the nose end of her space in the Garage ... I may get around to repainting it one day ...

Augusta was the beneficiary of tremendous Investments by Mills B. Lane, as were Atlanta, Valdosta, and Savannah where he was born and where he had been living for the last twenty years of his life ... His middle name actually was, BEE ... and there is some kind of corelation between that odd fact and the name of a small Newspaper that is published in either Augusta or Savannah, but I don't remember much beyond that ... The effort that Lane put into the restoration of Savannah is legendary, and it is a marvel the lengths he went to in order to not only Restore the Art and History of the Town but to preserve it as well ... Only the automobiles, length of skirts, Halter Tops and Short Shorts tell you when you go there that you haven't stepped thru a dimensional warp and into another Time ... 

And contrary to popular misconception, Lane's wife ... the former Anne Waring ....... was NOT related to Chorale Master Fred, who was also the Inventor of a handy Gadget that I would bet you have one of in your own kitchen .......

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I've gone to my farm in Kentucky for the weeken...


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