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We like to think of Peterman’s Eye as an old fashioned interactive community newspaper (if there is such a thing) focused on travel and curiosities. Talk with us about today’s post. Tell us about the places you’ve been. Or take a trip using J. Peterman’s exclusive travel services (coming soon). Read more...

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The air is redolent of musty walls, mixed with spices from Istanbul’s Egyptian bazaar.  Here, we find huge sacks filled with turmeric, sumac, and a myriad of ground black, white, green, and red pepper. My favorite comes from the Turkish town of Urfa. Burgundy in color, this pepper has a sweet spiciness and an oily texture that dissolves on the tongue.

Next to the spice dealers, there are sweet shops: Turkish delight, baklava, and traditional ice cream, stretched and rolled like fudge but thicker.

Men walk around with Turkish sesame-covered bagels called simit stacked on their heads. These are thinner, bigger and more pretzel like (although not in shape) than the kind we’re familiar with.

I quaff a fresh pomegranate juice. Push cart dealers entice passersby with ears of corn and large dill pickles.

How do you like to spice up your life?


J. Peterman


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4 Members’ Opinions
March 11, 2009 1:03 PM
Stage_2 10photoviewsCom-100Com-300Com-500First-comFirst-photoHr-1Hr-10Hr-5 JALOPKIN said...


March 11, 2009 2:59 PM
First-com vehorton said...

I'm getting "spiced up" by the visual.  The photo is wonderful and I am having a hard time imagining all of those wonderful spices in one place.  So, I guess my way to spice up my life is visual interest.  I love open markets, different things, etc.  I love taking out my camera and looking for patterns, colors, shapes, different angles, etc. so that I can take back photos that somehow convey the true air of a place.

March 11, 2009 3:02 PM
1327 10photoviewsFirst-comFirst-photoHr-1 GIOGRAPHIX said...

Sensitive nasal cavities be damned — I'd love to dive right in to those spices.

March 11, 2009 3:06 PM
First-com vehorton said...

Actually, send me to the sweet shops.  I'm sure I can find elastic waist pants somewhere in the same market!!

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