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The Harmony Hill Wellness and Organic Spa in Margate, southern Tasmania, opened in August 2009 but two years on, not many locals have heard of it. Fortunately, I stumbled upon it through a voucher promotion. Lucky me; I decided to take the day off to indulge.

Margate sits 25 minutes south of Hobart, itself a charming overgrown country town despite it being a capital city.The last 5km or 3 miles of the drive to the spa takes you through undulating bushland, wheels churning dust behind while one avoids the occasional roadkill ahead. Then, a sudden turn and you burst upon the retreat, set atop a mountain on 42 acres of tranquil bushland. Spa treatment rooms and hexagonal feng shui inspired accomodation cottages dot the central area. The spa boasts its eco-friendly attributes, using only rain water, solar heating for most of its hot water and a wetland for recycling waste waters. One can choose from a variety of treatments including aromatherapy, chi energy healing, ayurvedic therapy, herbal hot stone massage and wraps and exfoliation treatments for detox or anti-aging. Spa packages of Detox, Relax, Revive and Weight Loss are offered for between 3 to 10 days.

My voucher deal was for an hour of face and body treatment with organic marine mud and Tasmanian seaweed. Owner Ami Nakamura had suggested an additional hour, a Deep Tissue treatment to start by Ayurvedic therapist Matthew Sajomon. Nakamura-san had only in recent months lured Matthew Sajomon and his wife Julie from "Ananda - In the Indian Himalayas", the No. 1 destination spa voted by both Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure. As Matthew worked over my muscles and tissues and kneaded those knots I never knew I had, I wondered which famous celebrity had gone through his hands at the Ananda; Bill Gates, Uma Thurman, Jerry Hall, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet, Jeremy Piven, Frederick Forsyth and Deepak Chopra all having famously left their footprint there. I ended with being slathered by marine mud and seaweed, from head to toe before being ushered to 35mins of sauna, and then a spa shower to close. As I sat sipping peppermint tea in the reception area to end, I marvelled at how baby-soft my face felt. A little pamper pack was given to remind me, at least for the next few days, of my well spent off-day.



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Harmony Hill - Wellness & Organic Spa
210 Old Bernies Rd
Margate, Australia

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